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18 April 2016

Food Waste

I have two small children who are good at eating, it has to be said. From an early age I've encouraged them to eat what we do, to understand where their food comes from and to not dumb it down. We do treats but try and make them healthy, like these Chocolate Apples. As a result, I'm luck they eat a range of foods. However, they don't always eat the quantity of food I expect them to eat...hence, food waste is my biggest concern. What I put in their lunch box today will be scoffed, whereas I can put the same quantity in a few weeks time and the lunchbox comes back half full. But what can I do with half eaten sandwiches, yoghurt which has been left out of the fridge for over eight hours and sweaty cheese? The food waste bin beckons, and it frustrates me. However, there are things I can do either side of the which can reduce our food waste as a family. So I shall set down a family challenge, and update the Good Food Diaries as I go!

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15 April 2016

Website Launch

Today we are celebrating 2 years of trading as The Laser House! And what better day than this to launch our brand spanking new website! Please take a look around and explore our projects and collections. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Enjoy!
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7 April 2016

4 February 2016

Love Filwood

The Love Filwood team are out in Filwood Broadway now finding out what you love about the area, finding out your opinion on our community stats and testing our new #IESCities app #YouDecide.
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24 November 2015

AGM 2015

The beginning
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19 November 2015

Sensor Building Workshop at KWMC

Today at KWMC we are learning how to programme and build sensors and thinking about how we can use them to collect data for our projects.
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23 September 2015

Creating a time capsule for MemoryScapes

Here I am building a micro controller circuit (under the supervision of KWMC's tech manager Barry) for our MemoryScapes clock, or Time Capsule. When you open the face, music/memories/messages of your choice can play, and you can store memorabilia inside. Developed through workshops with older people, MemoryScapes is aimed to support people with dementia to reconnect with the past in full sensory way.
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23 September 2015

Setting up for the IWAHY Objects of Desire event tomorrow night

The KWMC studio is currently being transformed into an exhibition for the Objects of Desire made by local artists based on the tattoos featured in the I Will Always Have You exhibition last year. Tomorrow is the opening night so be sure to book your tickets.
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22 September 2015

Royatt Nature reserve, moon temple

I came across this graffitied old railway building along the Royatt railway bridge walk way. There's a notice saying that it is now used as a moon temple and every full moon people meet there with instruments, and to feel free to plant lovely plants inside it as decoration!
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17 September 2015

KWMC Team Day

Skills Exchange - what talented people I work with
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