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1 April 2015

the allotments from space

this is a couple of years old as you can see the sheep in the field we are having an open day tomorrow the 2nd of April from 11 am come see what we do spring field allotments Knowle Bristol just off Andover road there will be bread making in our clay oven bbq egg hunt wood working ,and lots more come see our chickens as well see you there
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12 May 2014

using home ingredients

okay, i haven't blogged for a couple of days as the website wasn't working, but i thought i would blog a picky of my ducks. i have 3 females and one male. we get three eggs a day and make wonderful cooking, very rich!! they make brilliant cakes! the white ducks are called Englebert and Apple Dappy and the brown ones are called Twiggy and Hazel! (Twiggy is mine, the loudest of them all!) the colour of the eggs are white/brown and the others are green/blue!
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