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29 July 2015

Bristol artists completing the decor for Nozstock Festival in Herefordshire

A group of Bristol and Newcastle based artists designed the decor for this year's Nozstock Festival near Bromyard in Herefordshire. The sci-fi themed murals that were 6x15 feet each featured planets, a moonscape, floating cities, a rocket crashing on a u-v mushroom field, an alien lady flying through space on a turtle's back with a tree growing out of the shell and more, inspired by Terry Pratchett's novels. Also, a 6 foot tall 3D man-on-the-moon sculpture fixed to the apex of the Garden Stage featured a moon face with a NOZ15 rocket crashing in his eye, reminiscent of the 1902 silent film by Georges Melies 'Le Voyage Dans la Lun' (copied by the Mighty Boosh and Smashing Pumpkins 'Tonight, Tonight' video). A full week was spent on the festival site before it began, with over 200 crew building and decorating the stages, bars, chillout areas and backstage areas.
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14 July 2015

Alice in Wonderland in progress

My Alice in Wonderland commission in progress for two mad hatters (they really are milliners) in Glastonbury. Using metallic acrylic paints, pages from a 1960's edition of A in W, gold and copper leaf, playing cards, real moss, wire, homemade paper, glitter and marker pens to create this painting.
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17 June 2015

New art work at Zero Zero Easton

This months art installation at Zero Zero Easton is by Fiona from the Laser House at Filwood Green business park. Each month Zero Zero chooses a new local artist to create a bespoke window display for their shop front.
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10 June 2015

3 June 2015


I’M STAYING - a new public artwork by Shaun C Badham - was lit up for the first time at Knowle West Media Centre tonight. Guests gathered for the switch-on of the large-scale neon sign on the top of the building. It was also the celebration of the Pop Up Furniture Factory's move to the Filwood Green Business Park - where it will be staying permanently.
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