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8 May 2015

Food Connections in Bristol

Foodie fans have been enjoying sampling some of Bristol's diverse food culture across the city. The festival ends on Saturday May 9 - so there's still time to head for the centre. There are tipis in Queen Square where you can sit and eat on straw bales (and keep out of the rain) and listen to live music. Or you can head for stalls in Millennium Square and College Green.
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10 May 2014

Vegan Day 4 (last one)

I realise I have gone pretty wrong with breakfasts. I met Kerry McCarthy at the raising of the European Flag ceremony today, who suggested that oat milk is not the best to try and almond or another milk would have been better, so I'll get some next time to try next time I'm in Scoopaway. Grapefruit and toast has been pretty good anyway. Lunch in the Folk House, paid for with £B my favourite currency, it was a mixed bean salad. I felt a bit hungry after first finishing it, and also being reminded to leave the butter off my bread (I really like the taste of butter.......) A celebratory night out (I don't really eat out this much normally) on Friday with Persian food from Kookoo, recently moved up to Filton Avenue. Delicious dips and then an Aubergine dish with amazing herb rice. (pictured). Summary of Vegan days: I have really enjoyed it, and feel pretty good on a nearly wholly-non animal diet (oh those mini-eggs and the odd cup of tea with a drop of milk). Tomorrow I am being sent out for pain-au-chocolats for birthday treats so I am not even going to attempt to continue. I will increase the number days I eat vegannly. So, thanks to Bristol Food Connections for stimulating me to change the way I eat.....

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