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18 June 2015

KWMC gets electric bike for Business Green Week

To help cut down staff travel - KWMC has purchased an electric bike to get to meetings in the area and for people to commute. The bike arrived in time for Big Green/Business Green Week and the team all turned out at lunchtime for a bike training session. There were some nerves at speed of the power boost but no falls - and it looked as if it would be an extremely popular alternative to the car. Wedmore Vale and Redcatch Hill now don't seem so daunting. Photos 1, 3 and 4 by Lucinda Thelwell.
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17 June 2015

Team lunch for Business Green Week

Staff at Knowle West Media Centre brought lunch from home to share for Business Green Week - to avoid travelling out to buy packaged food. Some of the food was locally sourced and organic - such as the salad purchased from a local allotment in Knowle West and picked that morning. (The lettuce was bigger than Steve the grower's head).
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16 June 2015

Gardening for Bristol's Business Green Week

Staff at Knowle West Media Centre took part in lunchtime gardening for Tuesday's 'Act Local' for Business Green Week. Head gardener Jez showed everyone the ropes and instructed people as to what were weeds for removal and the names of the different plants. Staff who would never normally pick up a hoe came out in force for a good cause.

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