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8 May 2014


Well I have been really bad at posting and keeping to my challenge but after making some bread and rolls, I felt I could justify another post! My challenge really started this week following two events! I was inspired by a wonderful lunch made by FareShare on Friday last week, to reduce my food waste. Then on Monday I heard the wonderful Ken Hom being interviewed on Radio 4's Food programme and he expressed concern about food waste too!. On Tuesday I set about planning our family's meals with minimising food waste and reducing expenditure in mind. Easy when you have a plan! Tuesday's meal was a stir fry in honour of Ken! Tofu bought cheaply from a Chinese store on Gloucester Road. Wednesday's meal used left overs from Monday plus some soup made with veg I already had in. As my younger daughter has recently decided not to eat meat, tonight's meal will be lentil Bolognese and Friday's will be Jack Monroe's Sicilian style sardines with pasta and green beans. I have had phases of planning meals in the past but now feel I will stick to doing this as it is the only way of reducing our spiralling food expenditure plus it makes me use up what I already have in our cupboards. Off to listen to Radio 4's Kitchen Cabinet this evening.. Will this be a source of more inspiration?

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