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17 June 2015

New art work at Zero Zero Easton

This months art installation at Zero Zero Easton is by Fiona from the Laser House at Filwood Green business park. Each month Zero Zero chooses a new local artist to create a bespoke window display for their shop front.
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16 June 2015

Breakaway! Warning: this book may cause you to have innovative and inspirational ideas!

So excited to recieve my copy of Breakaway from my talented brother in law, life and entrepreneurship coach Jeremy Behrmann. Jeremy spent two years travelling across the globe to discover an innovative way of developing careers in a world where a guaranteed job for life is over. He draws on his own experiences with ancient cultures and modern thought leaders and the best thing is, you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home or spend lots of money to make the changes to your life that this book helps you to identify. Order your copy at
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28 May 2015

Opening of Filwood Green Business Park

Amazing day full of music, food, circus performances and more to celebrate the opening of Filwood Green Business Park.
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14 May 2015

Zero Zero

Fresh new pizza place just off St.Marks Road, Easton. Come and check out their locally sourced menu, in the form of homemade sourdough and spelt pizza, seasonal specials, homemade lasagne with the pasta made in-house, refillable wine bottles (to take away), local cheeseboards, homemade pate, raw vegan desserts, direct trade coffee, hot free range chicken wings or fried tofu with homemade chilli sauce, local ales and more, as well as local artists with new window display exhibits each month. Everything available to take out :) yum.
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22 April 2015

Mini top hat making workshops!

Obviously everyone needs mini felt top hats in their lives! Local fibre art design duo InnerSpiral spin and dye their own organic Glastonbury wool and felt some incredible wearable art. They do fun workshops in Bristol and Glastonbury, also at different festivals across the UK, or you can buy one off their website So you can now have your own mad hat just in time for Alice in Wonderland's 150 year anniversary.
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23 February 2015

ZERO ZERO: New pizza place in Easton, local produce, delicious coffee, local art.

Zero Zero is run by a local couple, Estelle and Rob along with Head Chef Tom. They pride themselves on using the best ingredients, championing local producers and suppliers wherever possible. They believe that good eating needn’t be expensive and that everybody deserves tasty, healthy & responsible food:
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2 May 2014

Playing cupid

I'm very new to Bristol. So it seems natural that my challenge during the Bristol Food Connections festival is to discover Bristol's tastiest food businesses as I can! I'll be match-making producers with food businesses; taking short films of the faces behind the farms, shops and the restaurants and creating virtual 'dates' between the businesses. Actually, I'm not the only one playing cupid. I've joined FoodTrade's new campaign to create dynamic new trade relationships within Bristol's local food industry. FoodTrade – the search engine for real food – are inviting locals to promote their local producers and food businesses to upload these videos on to their site to boost user profiles; giving character and individuality to the supply chain. By promoting local trade, FoodTrade promises to help restore the prosperity of the SW's farms and primary processors who have financially suffered in recent years from the volatile global market. We can all do our bit to build a better, fairer food system. Let's ask farmers and producers to flaunt their finest food – whether it’s carrots, croissants or calamari - they've got 15 seconds. Let's invite chefs, caterers, restaurateurs and shop owners to discuss the produce they love to cook and sell. FoodTrade will match-make these video profiles and we can all watch the magic happen! You can join in too and register at FoodTrade for free at Then take 10 second videos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook at tag @FoodTradeHQ, and they'll add them to the businesses' profiles. I'm really going to take pleasure in exploring Bristol and the adventures it has to offer. I love this sense of organised spontaneity; a blend of impulsion to discover the new, and a purpose to build a fairer food system. Let the connections begin!
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23 April 2014

The Local Food Produce Challenge

My goal is to only eat food that is sourced locally and also bought from local independent shops. No supermarkets and no imported food! Going to achieve this by buying meat from the butchers, vegetables from Bristol Veg Boxes and daily essentials like milk and bread from shops like Wild Oats and The Better Food Company.

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