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17 June 2015

New art work at Zero Zero Easton

This months art installation at Zero Zero Easton is by Fiona from the Laser House at Filwood Green business park. Each month Zero Zero chooses a new local artist to create a bespoke window display for their shop front.
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16 June 2015

28 May 2015

Opening of Filwood Green Business Park

Amazing day full of music, food, circus performances and more to celebrate the opening of Filwood Green Business Park.
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14 May 2015

Zero Zero

Fresh new pizza place just off St.Marks Road, Easton. Come and check out their locally sourced menu, in the form of homemade sourdough and spelt pizza, seasonal specials, homemade lasagne with the pasta made in-house, refillable wine bottles (to take away), local cheeseboards, homemade pate, raw vegan desserts, direct trade coffee, hot free range chicken wings or fried tofu with homemade chilli sauce, local ales and more, as well as local artists with new window display exhibits each month. Everything available to take out :) yum.
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6 March 2015

Just some off our volunteers having fun

as you can see we cater for all ages at Springfield allotments lets grow project this is just some of our volunteers having fun from riding in the barrow or meeting the chickens to planting some onions if this looks like some thing you might find intresting the on the 2nd of April from 10,until 2 we will be having our Easter event come see what we do,see you there
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23 February 2015

ZERO ZERO: New pizza place in Easton, local produce, delicious coffee, local art.

Zero Zero is run by a local couple, Estelle and Rob along with Head Chef Tom. They pride themselves on using the best ingredients, championing local producers and suppliers wherever possible. They believe that good eating needn’t be expensive and that everybody deserves tasty, healthy & responsible food:
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10 September 2014

wild berry bush baking!!

This summers brilliant sunny weather has made the blackberry season a bumper crop, so i picked more then my fair share of the berries and got stuck straight in with the baking! I have made 2 blackberry upside down cakes and more blackberry muffins then you can shake a stick at! my family love the muffins, it was probably just my baking, but the batter made a good, stodgy muffin, and in my family, a stodgy cake, is the BEST cake! they were made with fairtrade sugar and eggs from our ducks :)

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3 June 2014

My own recipe

for my final assessment on cooking, i decided to make something fair trade. i decided on making an energy bar, inspired by the health bars called "nakd". All my family love them and always have them after something tiring or when they need an energy boost, my mum has them with a nice cuppa tea! i thought i'd share the recipe and wondered if you could all try making them and give me feedback on how i could improve! its uses lots of fairtrade ingredients, if you are all for that!! Ingredients: 500g of dried fruit- (i have made several combinations but the best so far has been dried apple, mango, figs and dates!) 1 big banana or 2 small ones 200g oats 1) Preheat the oven at 170 fan oven. 2) Blitz all the dried fruit and oats together until smooth. 3) Add the banana and mix in with oat and fruit mixture. 4) Now, you may want to bake for 10-15 mins and then cut into slices. but i like to mould the mixture with fun shapes in cookie cutters and then bake until firm but not to crunchy, a bit like a frusili, if you have ever heard or had them! These bars are brilliant because they are easy, fun, energising, tasty and great for the chance to use local fruits, nuts and seeds! ENNNJOOOYY! please try them and leave comments! what flavours did you try?! :) my other flavours have been currants, sultanas, cranberries, almonds, walnuts and whole pumpkin seeds. I did do another, but i have forgotten! very sorry! I'm thinking of doing a bakewell style bar with cherries, ground almonds and almond essence and fresh, pressed raspberries, instead of banana!
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17 May 2014

operation; flavour

My mum was cooking a lovely, sticky honey thai chicken for out friends, and i thought, what a brilliant opportunity to test out my skills on other people. I decided to make a starter and perhaps receive some feedback from them rather then just my parents and brother! I decided to get my flavour combination skills brain on and make spring rolls...with a twist! (although i actually ended up doing triangles!) i am ashamed to start off with saying that did not in fact, make the filo pastry, but this seems a big challenge to attempt. but perhaps I'll give it a shot in the not to distant future! Anyway, i did the usual, bean sprouts, carrot, sweet chilli sauce, spring onions and pepper. Then to spruce it up and give it a bit of "oomph" i added lime juice, paneer cheese and corriander. i ummed and ahed about perhaps adding a little ginger and garlic, but i was worried that it might not go with the cheese, or over power the original flavour of the traditional spring roll? what I am pleased to say about this starter is that they came out the oven crisp and flakey, and with a bit of hot chilli sauce to get the taste buds going, my family and friends loved them! I am also proud to say that the spring onions and peppers were local and the chicken my mum made was entirely free range!
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12 May 2014

growing my own fruit!

the fruit trees and plants in my back garden are starting to blossom. i have strawberries, apples, cherries, gooseberries, blackcurrants, red currants, rhubarb, even blackberries in the field behind us which looks beautiful in the afternoon sun! i am hoping to buy some raspberry canes to add to our collection of berries and fruits! i always think that a good crumble or pie tastes better with lovely home grown fruit and veg!
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