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4 June 2015

Plant your perennials!

Urban gardens are real lifesavers for bees. City homemakers rarely see the need to put pesticides in their window boxes or raised beds, due to their small size, meaning bees in urban areas are on the boom, unlike in the countryside where gardens are sometimes polluted by winds delivering poisons from industrial sized farms. Now is the perfect time to plant out your perennials to encourage pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Remember, where there are slugs and bugs and butterflies, there are birds and frogs and hedgehogs, so by encouraging the smaller insects into your garden you could end up with your very own living entertainment for summer evenings which means you can switch off Springwatch. KWMC's garden is in full bloom at the moment, but you don't need as much space as this to create your own oasis; a disused palette or just some shop bought pots or a hanging basket can provide ample space for some beautiful blooms. Don't forget, bees like blue, yellow and purple, but they cannot see red and they are warned off by black.
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27 May 2015

One Tree Per Child meeting at Ashton Court

Attended a partnership meeting for the Mayor's One Tree Per Child scheme today at Ashton Court. A beautiful setting, perfect for imagining the 35,000 trees that will be planted for Bristol's primary school children. Have a look at KWMC's new app Democratree to suggest a place for a tree to be planted or to vote on others that have been suggested.
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29 April 2015

Re-planting and insulating vegetable seedlings!

Over the first May bank holiday period and Bristol Food Connections Festival I will be out in the garden re-planting some of the vegetable seedlings that I planted a couple of weeks ago. Not many have germinated. I think that this is partly because I did not use seed compost, but multi-purpose, and also as it has been a bit colder than expected. Any tips welcome!
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