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14 May 2015

Zero Zero

Fresh new pizza place just off St.Marks Road, Easton. Come and check out their locally sourced menu, in the form of homemade sourdough and spelt pizza, seasonal specials, homemade lasagne with the pasta made in-house, refillable wine bottles (to take away), local cheeseboards, homemade pate, raw vegan desserts, direct trade coffee, hot free range chicken wings or fried tofu with homemade chilli sauce, local ales and more, as well as local artists with new window display exhibits each month. Everything available to take out :) yum.
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23 February 2015

ZERO ZERO: New pizza place in Easton, local produce, delicious coffee, local art.

Zero Zero is run by a local couple, Estelle and Rob along with Head Chef Tom. They pride themselves on using the best ingredients, championing local producers and suppliers wherever possible. They believe that good eating needn’t be expensive and that everybody deserves tasty, healthy & responsible food:
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17 May 2014

operation; flavour

My mum was cooking a lovely, sticky honey thai chicken for out friends, and i thought, what a brilliant opportunity to test out my skills on other people. I decided to make a starter and perhaps receive some feedback from them rather then just my parents and brother! I decided to get my flavour combination skills brain on and make spring rolls...with a twist! (although i actually ended up doing triangles!) i am ashamed to start off with saying that did not in fact, make the filo pastry, but this seems a big challenge to attempt. but perhaps I'll give it a shot in the not to distant future! Anyway, i did the usual, bean sprouts, carrot, sweet chilli sauce, spring onions and pepper. Then to spruce it up and give it a bit of "oomph" i added lime juice, paneer cheese and corriander. i ummed and ahed about perhaps adding a little ginger and garlic, but i was worried that it might not go with the cheese, or over power the original flavour of the traditional spring roll? what I am pleased to say about this starter is that they came out the oven crisp and flakey, and with a bit of hot chilli sauce to get the taste buds going, my family and friends loved them! I am also proud to say that the spring onions and peppers were local and the chicken my mum made was entirely free range!
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10 May 2014

Local market

Todays breakfast was honey on toast, from the local Bristol market! lovely fresh honey from local British bees!

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9 May 2014

Food Connections Markets

I have now had to expand my ‘shopping locally’ challenge to include the markets of the Food Connections Festival. I had a lovely weekend over the bank holiday – it was my Grandma’s 90th birthday, and I made her some lemon curd (with lemons, butter, eggs all bought on Gloucester Road, of course). Then my family and I spent a very enjoyable day wandering around the Food Connections tents in the city centre. I spent an inordinately long amount of time in the produce markets, including having a very lengthy conversation with the woman selling a range of unusual flour. I ended up buying some ‘Emmer’ flour, made from an ancient ancestor of wheat. God knows what I’m going to do with it, but she seemed to think it was the next big thing. At the harbourside produce market I bought these lovely tomatoes. Presented with pride by the stall trader, they were so ridiculously bright and juicy-looking that I couldn’t resist. I find tomatoes that are this good don’t need much else with them. I mixed them with some spring onions and pine nuts, and drizzled the lot liberally with olive oil (that I already had in stock, does that count?!). That’s what I love about produce markets, you can discover new ingredients that you wouldn’t otherwise. Being able to talk to the person producing them makes the whole experience much more personal, and infinitely more enjoyable than just picking something off a supermarket shelf.

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30 April 2014

Shop locally and spend Bristol Pound Challenge

Having had good intentions for many years to shop locally, the reality has been sporadic at best, and recently I have found it a real struggle. My ability to do this has mostly been affected by where I live in Bristol and by time. I am determined to shop locally during the festival and I hope to ingrain these positive habits into my daily life. I also have an underused Bristol Pound account and I will arrange to make regular payments into this and use it where available.
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28 April 2014

The Gloucester Road Challenge

As a relative newcomer to Bristol, I am astounded by the range of quality, cheap produce that you can get from independent shops. Living a stone's throw from Gloucester Road, I am really enjoying being able to do my food shopping on foot, buying things from people who have a real connection with and a passion for what they are selling. However, I still fall back quite a lot on buying things like cheese and yoghurt from supermarkets. Being able to dash out and buy milk at 10pm has come in handy more than once. So, for the duration of the Food Connections Festival, I am going to try and buy everything from independent shops on Gloucester Road. I hope this will make me put more forethought and consideration into planning what I'm going to eat, as I can't just nip out to Sainsbury's if I forget something. Inevitably, I find myself throwing quite a lot of food away, so I'm going to be conscious of buying only what I need.

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