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30 April 2015

Go Green Breakfast at Bristol Zoo

A chance for green-minded businesses to gain tips on how to save energy, resources and money with a talk from Bristol Zoo about how they've reduced their carbon footprint. The flamingo area is one example with solar panels on the roof and a pool fed by rain run-off. The event also included water awareness facts - we are using 200,000,000 litres per second globally to grow food. if every adult turned off the tap when brushing their teeth we would save 180,000,000 litres a day. Tips for businesses from Bristol Water included simply reducing the volume in their WC water cisterns - which could save them thousands of pounds a year...
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22 April 2015

Recharge your batteries at the Energy Tree

The Energy tree has been unveiled in Millennium Square as part of the Green Capital Celebrations. With free energy provided by solar panels the tree is a reminder of the city's commitment to reduce energy consumption. Passers by can charge phones, use the free wifi or take selfies with the tree and upload them to #selftree
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