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9 May 2014

Not done so well today!

Yesterday's bread making was not a complete success! The rolls did not rise and were not really edible. The loaf was better but several comments made along lines of ' is that the only bread we have in the house'? I have gone to Joe's today and stocked up on our usual loaves!! Hopefully I can persuade the rest of the family to finish my handcrafted loaf first! Or it may be made into croutons for some soup which I am making for friends this pm! Would be good if I could find a use for the rolls.... The recording of 'The Kitchen Cabinet' was really enjoyable. Jay Rayner was a great host and the panel laid back and fun! I had never listened to it before but will now fit it into my Radio Four fix! Sharpham Farm talked about their spelt flour, which I am tempted to try but not before I have worked my way through my growing cupboard of different flours! I didn't manage to save money today, due to walking past some of my favourite Glos Rd shops.. Licata and the Vietnamese supermarket. I could not resist buying a few things. I need stronger will power to keep my food spending under control!

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